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Construction Set-out & Engineering Surveys

Construction Set-out & Engineering Surveys

As the name suggests, a set-out survey is used to set out the exact position of your proposed structure.

Why is a Set-out Survey needed?

A set-out survey is very important when preparing for any type of construction work. At Precision Works Land Surveying, we use the latest equipment to locate construction within millimeters and grid lines or building corners marked on site.

Set-out survey transfer a building or construction design onto your land. It confirms construction will be done within the legal boundary for:

  • Unit, apartment or multi-residential developments Unit, apartment or multi-residential developments
  • Building roads, bridges, tunnels etc. Building roads, bridges, tunnels etc.
  • Extending existing buildings Extending existing buildings

What’s included?

It is a good idea to involve Precision Works Land Surveying in your construction set-out – we give your construction team physical marks on site so they can build exactly to plan.

During the process, we will establish key points and marks to guide your building process and ensure accuracy.

Give your builders clear guidelines to work from.

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