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Australian Height Datum (AHD) Connections

Australian Height Datum (AHD) Connections

We are the experts in AHD – the geodetic datum for altitude measurement in Australia. It creates contours or spot heights so you can determine what part of your land may be
affected by flooding.

If your project is situated in low-level or flood-prone areas, or if your council requires it, you may need an accurate AHD Level Survey.

Why is an AHD Level Survey needed?

Before buying property, it’s wise to check for flood risk unless your land is in an obviously high position.

In flood-prone areas, some local councils also have a specific condition that building approval will only be issued if your proposed floor level is not less than a particular reduced level.

What’s included?

We can give you with a reference point adjacent to your building site so you can meet your council's conditions and start your building faster.

Get cost-effective, accurate and fast AHD Surveying, Melbourne and Victoria-wide.

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